Time to get Hard-Core

The following routine is an alternative functional workout to a previous post. Both these workouts are designed to improve fitness and strengthen the core without the need for weights; although weights can be added of course for those who are more advanced. It requires only a ball (football, rugby, basketball) and your body-weight and each exercise can be performed in a 2x1m space; making it ideal to perform at home (in lockdown).

The aim is to follow each exercise for 1 minute in a rotation back-to-back with minimal rest between (< 1/2 minute). Followed by a rest period of 2 minutes before the next rotation.

Let me know how you get on. Enjoy!

Rotation 5: Core 2
NameStart PositionExerciseAdvanced
Spiderman CrawlsPress-up position with hands on a ball.Bring one knee between hands, step back, then other knee.Alternate between knees between hands and outside hands.
Hand WalksStanding positionBend to touch floor, walk hands forward, then back and stand up. Repeat.
Side Plank CrunchesLie on side, raise body so that forarm resting on floor.Raise other hand to the sky, twist so arm threaded under opposite arm-pit. Switch sides.Raise body to hands.
Flutter KicksLie on back, legs straight, with feet raised 6 inches from the groundscissor kick legs, whilst slowly raising legs up to until 45 degrees and slowly lowering again.

Rotation 6: Upper Body 2
NameStart PositionExerciseAdvanced
Declined PressPress-up position with feet raised on chair, legs straight.Lower arms until upper-chest touches the floor. Then raise to starting positionTry adding a resistance band around the neck
Renegade RowsPress-up position with feet on floor.Perform 2 press-ups, then raise one straight arm to the side, hold and repeat for other arm. Try not to twist the body.Try holding tennis balls in each hand
Pike PressPress-up position with feet with chest in line with waistLower arms until front-shoulders are near to the floor. Then raise to starting position.
Turkish GetupsLying on floor, holding tennis ball in one hand above the headStand-up using only one arm to assist raising yourself up. Try not to twist the body.Try without lying on floor on return. Twist onto other hand.

Rotation 7: Lower Body 2
NameStart PositionExerciseAdvanced
Squat JumpsStart in squatting position, with legs parallel to floor. Hold ball out in frontJump in the air and land back into squatting positionHold squatting position for 5 secs between jumps
Pistol SquatsStart with one leg on ball or chair in front of you.Squat down (one-legged)
Wall SitsStart in squatting position, with legs parallel to floor. Hold ball out in frontStay in squatted positionHolding onto ball either end, twist arms
Split SquatsStart with one leg on the ball behindSquat down (one-legged), ensuring to roll the ball backwards with the other foot

Rotation 8: Cardio 2
NameStart PositionExerciseAdvanced
Ball HopsStand with ball adjacent to bodyHop over ball, keeping feet togetherTry with resting on landing
Shadow BoxingSquat down until legs parallel with floorShadow box
Scissor JumpsLunge position (squatting with one leg in frontJump and switch front leg
Ladder climbPress-up position with hands on ballBring knee up to chest. Swap legs, so as appearing to climb a ladder

Helpful Tips:

  • Warm up (obviously). Personally I always warm up with some low intensity stretches.

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