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Happy Holiday’s everyone!

At this time year it is traditional to reflect on the past a year and wow what a rollercoaster it has been!

With the continued aftermath of the pandemic, return of war in Europe and the recent economic uncertainty, there’s no doubt it has been a difficult year. For many, mental wellbeing has been tested, as we strive to master the art of staying positive in a crazy world.

In a year where we started with closed gyms and have learnt to adapt to the new hybrid working model, keeping a regular gym regime has been difficult, yet ironically more important than ever. My post Exercise for Mental Health, looks at how our minds are positively influenced both physically and psychologically with the help of regular exercise.

To be honest, this year, I have struggled with motivation myself. Not my workouts, they’ve been fine. Better in fact due to recently joining a gym in London close to my office. I have been rather lapse in posting new content to this site. Whether due to lack of free time, or motivation, I am not sure, but I have not posted as regularly as I had liked. So, that’s one to add to my resolution list for next year then! 😊

In the meantime, I thought it would be helpful to recap on some of my past articles which hopefully you will find interesting and informative.

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Have a wonderful Holiday period and enjoy some ‘me’ time.

Stay Motivated

  • In ‘The secret of your success‘, I talk generally at the benefits of diet and exercise and how to optimise your time in the gym.
  • During Covid, it’s been hard to stay motivated, in my post ‘Riding the motivational wave‘, I try give tips on what methods have worked for me over the years.
  • Starting back in the gym after a period of absence can be very hard. In my post ‘Rising above the Ashes‘ I share a routine to get you back to your former self quickly and avoiding injury.

General Exercise tips

Workout Routines

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