Happy New Year

As we say good bye to 2020 (thank goodness), here I continue my recap of some of the articles I have written for Gym Life Balance. Last year was a challenging period for us regular gym-goers there is no doubt! With gyms closed and many Working-from-home, continuing to stay motivated and trying to find ways to exercise at home is the key to success. Particularly as the beginning of the New Year looks to be much the same!

In this second part of a two part post, I summarise returning to the gym after some time out. Also, bearing in mind it is the season for New Year’s resolutions, I also look a the dietary aspects of health and exercise.

Hopefully you find this interesting and informative. Of course if you have any suggestions for topics, they would be gratefully received.

Back to the Gym

  • Starting back in the gym after a period of absence can be very hard. In my post ‘Rising above the Ashes‘ I share a routine to get you back to your former self quickly and avoiding injury.
  • Training with an injury
  • How to optimise training and avoid injury

Concerning the Diet

  • Low-fat diets still seem to be popular today for some reason. In Fat friend or Foe, I present an alternative view that fat is perhaps not all bad.
  • The importance of Supplementation is addressed in It’s supplementary, my dear Watson.
  • How much water do we really need to drink, in H to O, I look at it from a sportsperson’s perspective.
  • Diet in mid-life can be a complex subject. In my post Optimal diet needn’t be a mid-life crisis I look at how we should adapt our diet to aid exercise and stay healthy.
  • Sometimes cheating when it comes to diet and exercise, can reap rewards. In this article, I look at where cheating does prosper.

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Hopefully 2021 will prove to be a successful one for all. At the very least a return to normal times. Happy New Year everyone.

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